Nyc Doe Uft Agreement

The complaints filed last week were not forwarded by UFT to the DOE. They delayed this new BS agreement, which now shifts responsibility for the DOE`s failure to meet the agreement to the Leaders chapters. Leaders are now expected to establish an SBO to enable MOA violations and increase the workload of their employees. Otherwise, UFT can intervene to negotiate for you. Instead of solving our problems in two working days, nothing was done. The CDs were informed last night (25.9.). UFT continues to shit on its CLs, endangers the staff of our schools and deliberately delays any solution to their health / safety and professional complaints that adopted the return of students on September 29 and October 1. You have failed in this city. September and students in all classes can take personal lessons until October 1st. Principals may be forced to redouble their efforts to revise their schedules to accommodate new waves of teachers empowered to work from home.

The only way to dismiss teachers is to agree with the UFT. (There is no way to target those who have unsubscribed. Remember that the city is a short teacher and not all new employees are uft members until they have completed all their paperwork – usually the first one or two weeks of work.) But I think there`s something painful. .