Warranty Agreement Lenovo

Protect your PC from damage that is not covered by the warranty. Accident protection saves you a lot on repair costs or the new system. Users typically save between 28% and 80% depending on the type of machine and the repairs needed. ADP is managed by Lenovo™-trained technicians who use Lenovo™ qualified parts, reducing the need for repair. Lenovo`s comprehensive diagnostic tools can identify hidden damage that has not been treated otherwise. Extend your PC coverage internationally. International Warranty Upgrade expands coverage outside the user`s home country. It includes upgrade services such as sealed battery warranty, keeping your engine and accidental damage protection. The level of service is provided at the same level as the user`s country of origin or the level of service closest to the country visited. Achieving maximum operating time and productivity.

Depending on the hardware, you can upgrade to the expedited depot, on-site service or on-site service with the customer`s technology installation of interchangeable units. On-site service provides parts and work repair coverage where work is provided on your site if Lenovo™ finds that your product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved by phone, a technician is sent to arrive on site, usually the next day. In the case of a basic warranty, the installation of CRUs self-service (Customer Replaceable Unit) is generally the responsibility of the customer. However, with the CRU service installed by the technician, Lenovo`s on-site service includes the installation of all necessary CRUs. Extend your warranty to avoid unexpected costs and budgets interrupted warranty period for all Lenovo batteries, pens and pens are limited to 12 months, unless otherwise stated. Unless you agree to a separate battery warranty extension, your battery`s warranty time expires at the end of the period indicated in your Lenovo Limited Warranty. Protect your investment by extending the battery warranty for one year. Extend a basic battery warranty for 1 year to 3 years.

The guarantee is significantly less than that of a replacement which is not covered by an extension directive. A sealed battery warranty prevents the anger and frustration of the system`s unavailability. Lenovo-certified technicians ensure an efficient and efficient battery change. Minimize unscheduled maintenance and reduce OPEX. Reach your goals for cost-effectiveness, improved service levels and end-user satisfaction with warranty extensions. Lenovo`s flexible warranty options are tailored to a variety of needs. We advise you to link the duration of service coverage to the expected life cycle of your PC. Minimize unforeseen break/fixed costs and benefit from consistent service levels for multinational organizations with support from the region and region. With thousands of support staff at 18 locations around the world and a Tier 2 technical bank, we`re able to help you quickly and knowingly if you need it. In surveys, we are always considered the best providers of customer support.