Non Disclosure Agreement Esempio

Let us take an example: in an NDA with a Chinese equivalent, it is often counterproductive to apply Italian and Italian law, because in case of non-compliance, it is usually necessary to act quickly in China (even as an emergency) and not in an Italian court. In this case, it is advisable to design the NDA with a bilingual English/Chinese text and for arbitration in China, applying Chinese law. In practice, the confidentiality agreement is very different, some short and simple, others much more complex: in reality, it depends on the degree of importance of the information exchanged and not on the nature of the contractual relationship in which the parties exchange confidential information (and think of acquisitions for which the confidentiality agreement almost always includes additional clauses in addition to confidentiality obligations.B. For those who want to delve deeper into the subject and see confidentiality agreements (but as I said, we can also call them the confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement) which refers to those published at the end of “International Contract Writing Techniques – Contractual Phases, Clauses, Statements of Intent and Confidentiality Agreements”: these examples relate to both unilateral and reciprocal confidentiality agreements, both for relatively simple contracts and for more complex contracts, such as research and development. Like what. B, if a list of agents or creditors is shared, the agreement may include the obligation not to contact certain identified companies directly (this agreement is also called a “non-circumvention agreement”). The terms of a confidentiality agreement may be time-limited. B, for example, companies can request confidentiality for one year, five years or ten years. It is also customary for the Italian side that international treaties must be in two languages: for example, Italian and English or Spanish. For example, a clause can be pointed out: Finally, if necessary, a bilingual version is instantaneous and simple in the case of a legal action to remain on the same example, before a Chinese judge, without the need for translations (not always of good quality) during the sentence. 1.2. When protected information is first disclosed in an oral or other form, unwritten or immaterial, the information must be declared confidential or proprietary on that date, and then, within 10 days of the original presentation, it is clearly marked in a confidential or “PROPRIETARY” written down.