Airbus Product Support Agreement

The notification authorizes the MRO to access the specific operator data listed in the general DRA appendix signed by the MRO and Airbus. The “Operator Notification” form is used for any request to Airbus to transmit physical data (CD/DVD) to the MRO and/or for MRO`s online access to AirbusWorld data. All operators are then invited to complete this form and return it to Airbus ( if they enter into a contract with a new or additional MRO. About 80% of Airbus` activities are acquired. The company works with more than 12,000 suppliers worldwide who offer products and services for flying and non-flying parts. If a customer`s technical representative is not available, Airbus technical experts are available 24 hours a day with three global technical support hubs specializing in all Airbus Helicopters products. Customers who need urgent technical assistance can contact a technical expert by calling an Airbus Helicopters customer service centre. Technical requests are transmitted via the eRequest online communication service, which is available on the internet portal or mobile device. CAM services are designed to meet global aviation safety standards, apply to all aircraft and are accessible to all customers, whether civilian, military or financial institutions. They support the registration of the fleet either by “as built/delivered” or “as maintained configurations.” These clusters may vary slightly depending on the product range. Experts in Airbus Helicopters` Health and Use Monitoring System (HUMS) provide a proactive and forward-looking analysis of the parameters of monitored helicopters and support each mission profile or organizational type.

Magnetic MRO and Airbus have signed a long-term maintenance contract for airbus family aircraft maintenance. “Total Technical Care is not just about the quality of MRO services. It is also a first-class customer support, transparent processes and exceptionally high procedural standards. We are very proud of our team, which has proven itself on numerous occasions to meet these standards. We are pleased to expand our partnership with Airbus and share Magnetic MRO`s experience with them and their partners. This has definitely opened up new horizons for Magnetic MRO and we look forward to extensive collaboration, as we are a recognized supplier for Airbus` maintenance activities,” said Inga Duglas, Chief Commercial Officer at Magnetic MRO. Airbus Helicopters offers multiple levels of technical assistance and resources to ensure the appropriate response to every request or request. Procurement requirements and services are provided by certain product sectors: customers need immediate access to operating and maintenance guidelines in order to keep their rotor vehicles in operation and to support aviation safety. Our supply chain is just as important to our goals, which is why we rely on a common engagement with our larger businesses to actively support and support our goal of creating a culture of positive safety together.

With this offer, Airbus monitors all aspects of a customer`s Rotorcraft configuration and airworthiness and allows the customer to focus on operations. Key benefits of these services include increased fleet availability, optimized maintenance and secure aircraft value. Airbus invites suppliers to adhere to our code of conduct and integrate these principles into their own supply chain. You will find this detailed information for our suppliers here: NOTE: No need to return this form to Airbus if the operator provides the technical data online directly to the MRO. All technical requests can be made online via the eRequest service on the AirbusWorld customer portal and tracked online via the Technical Requests Management Tool. From major tourist destinations to bustling airspace over cities, the single-engine H130 is widely used, among others, with tourism services, charters and enforcement services.