Nrma Enterprise Agreement

After Ausgrid announced the loss of 230 jobs, the USU is calling for… Negotiating your enterprise agreement (EA) has been a slow process. From the beginning, the United Services Union (USU) with NRMA understood that we wanted to improve existing conditions, as well as a decent annual wage increase that would be compatible with the cost of living. We are pleased to inform you that THE NRMA has been approved by the 2018 Enterprise Agreement… It is time for our members to have a say in what you want to see in the enterprise agreement. Complete our investigation and let us know! The United Services Union noted by some of our members that NRMA management has scheduled phone calls with employees covered by the enterprise agreement to discuss NRMA`s 2.5% per year offer for the new enterprise agreement. Ausgrid-employees who have undergone restructuring for five years, resulting in more than 2,000… Qantas announced that it was under the work of the wings (ramp, luggage and planes….